Here's how some local people already help out

           3 ladies washing up for an older-peoples' club 

           Helping at a club for the elderly

           A young man, designing a poster for a charity

           Designing a poster for a charity

A man driving a community transport car

          Driving for community transport

          Volunteering at a childrens' centre





Why do people volunteer?

People volunteer for many reasons and get different benefits for themselves from volunteering:

"I just want to help people and feel part of my local community."

"I’d like to pass on my skills to others."

"I've been unemployed for a while and want to change career, voluntary work may help me develop new skills and experience."

"I’ve been ill for a while but although I don’t feel up to returning to paid work just yet, I’d like to try voluntary work."

"I retired recently but still have a lot of life left in me – voluntary work will help fill my day."

"I'm new to the area and want to make friends"

"Volunteering helps the course I'm doing"

You may have another reason. Whatever it is this is a great place to start looking, why not download our Voluntary Vacancies brochure above?




The NEW LOOK Voluntary Vacancies Brochure!

Looking For Voluntary Work?

Voluntary Vacancies - Download your copy now...

  • The Volunteering opportunities are offered by Charities & Non profit making organisations. 
  •  The roles are listed by type or interest, i.e 'admin' or 'driving' roles (and lots more besides!!)

To view the latest issue of Voluntary Vacancies please click on the Brochure below.... or email me


Poole Volunteer


Voluntary Vacancies


You can call me for further information but the NEW LOOK Booklet has all the contact details hence you can make an enquiry directly to the organisation for the latest information on the role/s. 

The Organisation should tell about availability & suitability, whether they offer training, parking, expenses, suitable for someone with a disability or you will need a DBS check.

Or you can Search on Do-it...

We upload vacancies onto the national volunteering website;

click on the logo below to go to the Do-it web-site.  You can search and enquire through the web-site about different volunteering opportunities in your area, by entering your postcode and registering on the site.





When are we open?

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We are now at PHP Beech House,

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